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The Valley
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Welcome to the Greater Susquehanna Valley. For newcomers and lifelong residents, this portion of the state holds an arresting allure.

Nestled among rolling mountain ridges, broad valleys, deep forests, and meandering streams and brooks, the region offers a serene and tranquil environment.

A central feature of the region is the Susquehanna River, the nation’s longest, non-navigable waterway flowing through Pennsylvania’s rural heartland south to Harrisburg and, ultimately, the Chesapeake Bay. Throughout the centuries, this meandering river has shaped the region’s economic, community and cultural life, giving definition to people whose values, and strong work ethic provided the foundation for the region’s entrepreneurial spirit.


You’ll notice right away that life here is a little bit different. Considered the cradle of American history, Central Pennsylvania towns boast a strong sense of community pride and an outstanding heritage; characteristics that were once celebrated hallmarks of life in every American town. 

Once here, you can take a step back in time to celebrate the Norman Rockwellian way of life that prevails in Central Pennsylvania. You’ll see vestiges of it everywhere. It’s not unusual to see an Amish family traveling by in a horse-drawn carriage. The region’s natural beauty is all around. Quaint communities beckon with their eclectic downtown shops and eateries. Friendly people smile as you pass them on the sidewalk. But the region offers a progressive side as well.

There are lucrative business opportunities available in the Keystone Opportunity Zones, (KOZs), industrial parks, and economic development plans sweeping the region. As the region’s leading business voice, the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce is committed to enhancing the economic competitiveness of the region, including focusing economic development efforts to retain existing businesses, while attracting new corporate investments.

There’s a high quality of life and an intense community pride enjoyed by people who live here, and by those who relocate here. Whether you’ve moved here to retire, take a new job or start your own business, you’ll enjoy the array of attractions, historical events, fairs, festivals and outdoor recreational opportunities available.

To anyone who still retains a child-like wonder of a simpler, gentler time, the positive intangibles found in abundance in the Greater Susquehanna Valley affirm that life does not have to be a harried experience in a hostile, fast-paced environment.  The fact that so many positive attributes—a low crime rate, a pristine environment, lots of open space—can be found right here underscores the region’s identity as a diamond in the rough.


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