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2007 Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet

The Athena Award recognizes individuals who actively assist women to realize their full potential, achieve professional excellence in their business, and improve the quality of life for others in the community.


Congratulations 2014-2015 ATHENA® Award Recipient:

Susan Greene, Penn State Corporate Learning

Pictured (L to R): Susan Mathias, Geisinger Health Systems & 2013-2014 ATHENA Award Recipient and Susan Greene, Penn State Corporate Learning

The nomination form for the Athena Award asks the nominator to rate and list the accomplishments of the person they are putting into nomination based upon three criteria.  These criteria include 1.Assisting women in reaching their full leadership potential, 2.  Provide valuable service by contributing time and energy to the community, and 3.  Demonstrate excellence, creativity, and initiative in their profession. 

This year’s ATHENA Recipient is described by her nominator as the most humble overachiever that she knows. Not only does she help women around her succeed in their career but also in their retirement.  She is truly dedicated to lifting up the people around her.

Susan Greene, our 2014-2015 ATHENA Recipient, is the director of the Corporate Learning Program within Penn State. Under her leadership, Corporate Learning has grown. Sue has demonstrated excellence and creativity by applying strategies to reach out to develop new markets. By educating community members and bringing awareness of the types of corporate learning opportunities that Penn State provides, they are able to provide industry recognized professional training.  In 2014, Corporate Learning earned an International Award for their 2014 Marketing Campaign which focused on their Team Decision Center. 

Sue’s nominator, Amanda Holdren, wrote:  “She is an eleventh-hour miracle worker.  She builds bridges.  She cares more than any boss I have known.”  She further wrote: “The first time I met Sue, I felt I had met her before.  Sue Greene reminds me of my sister. My “big sister”, who inspires me, lifts me up, points out my strengths, and helps me to realize my shortcomings in a gentle and constructive way.  Her vision for Penn State Corporate Learning is and was ambitious; her vision for me, as an employee and an individual is, too.”

Sue has also worked at Evangelical Community Hospital and CVS Pharmacy.  She mentored staff and encouraged professional development.  At CVS, she delivered and developed training and coaching to her employees focusing on marketing, merchandising, excellent customer service, operations and pride in their work. While working at CVS, Sue mentored and trained three shift supervisors who were promoted to assistant managers.  Two of those women then moved on to Managers.  Additionally, the team at CVS regularly won the camaraderie award, two times each year.

For the past five years, Sue has served on the board for Hope Enterprises in Williamsport. Prior to starting on their board, Sue was instrumental in bringing the Penn State Human Services Associate Degree program to Hope. James Campbell, President of Hope Enterprises wrote: “bringing the degree program to Hope, and working with our HR department, has helped a number of employees, mostly women, further their careers in Human Services while providing excellent care to the developmentally disabled people that we serve.  This was a long term dream of our agency to provide staff an opportunity to acquire a degree from college at a reasonable price.  Again, through Sue’s hard work and persistence, we have several staff well on their way to achieving a goal life had previously prevented them from attaining.”

Sue serves on numerous boards and committees and is very involved in our community.  I would like to share just a few of these with you.  There are many more.

Sue helped to develop a state-wide Workforce Advisory Board to include local businesses and leadership to discuss workforce needs and curriculum building.  Over the past 10 years, she volunteered with Workforce Investment Board, part of the Central Pennsylvania Workforce Development Corporation, by serving on two committees: the Career Link Operations Committee and One Stop Career links.  She serves on the Board of Directors for the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber and also serves on the Women’s Leadership Symposium Committee.  Sue is on the Community Relations Boards for both the Allenwood Federal Prison and Lewisburg Penitentiary.   She is also past North Central District Director of PA Society HR Management.

Sue is a Board Member of the Susquehanna HR Management Association (SHRM). Sue has worked with this chapter to upgrade a Workforce Readiness Program to local high schools, creating an online environment.  She served as the webmaster, creating the website for the mock company.  The students used this website to apply for jobs and the SHRM members conduct mock interviews with the students. Sue’s special focus was coaching and mentoring the young women on two things:  first impressions and solid handshakes, pointing out that the confidence one shows in an interview could be a deciding factor when credentials and experiences are similar to other candidates.

Sue earned a Masters in Human Resource Management from Warren National University and is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Workforce Education at Penn State University. She earned an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from St. Leo University.  She has also earned numerous certifications and designations in Workforce Education, Human Resources and Training. She was also appointed to the Commission for Women at Penn State by the President of the University in 2014, where she serves as the Marketing Committee co-chair.

Sue is married to Dan and has a daughter, Charity.  She resides in Lewisburg.

Amanda wrote: “By all accounts, Sue Greene is admired and respected in the community, in the workplace and at home. So many of her accomplishments, and so much of what she does transcend to the three areas of leadership in this nomination:  Professional, Community and Personal Leadership.  She is always building a bridge, finding solutions to set-backs, lifting people up over their hurdles and looking at her environment through a certain lens, where she is examining everything to instill the desire to help in those around her.  She leads with finesse, grace and genteel direction.  She comes from a training background, and values input of the team.  She understands the importance of Professional development for the employee and the individual.  Sue has a continued drive to help people succeed.”


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